While regularly training boxing, body endurance and ability to concentrate play a really important role in everyday work-out. Boxers look for different ways to gain energy while training and reduce the breaks between work-outs. A lot of them go for carbohydrates that not only replenish their energy, but also increase strength. Apart from the other important issues, you can’t forget about the importance concentration has during physical strain. The more intense the work-out – the bigger the need for concentration. Surely a lot of boxers ask themselves a question “what supplements should I take in to increase my concentration during training?”. To not get disappointed in the condition of our memory, a proper diet is really important, as well as brain boosters such as adaptogens – products made based on herbs that increase body’s resistance to stress and traumatic experience.


The job of these preparations is also to support the immune system, adding energy, and taking care of proper function of the nervous system. Using brain boosters is recommended in situations such as exhaustion, negative mood, poor mental health, impaired immunity and ordinary states of anxiety. Boxers have to care for proper brain circulation and metabolism, which is why it’s important to choose the right supplements for oneself.