Most people who dream of successful effects of work-out decide to start their training at the BOXINGHERALD club in New York. It’s a special place that focuses on boxers with different advancement levels. It unites people with different personalities who have one goal – increase their body strength and achieving more success. To achieve this, they mostly use creatine and dietary carbohydrates, which are ones of the most successful supplements dedicated for boxers. Some also use gainers as supplements. This type of supplements are dedicate for tall people who have really good metabolism. They can fill a diet or replace a meal – depending on the level of supplementation.


Using gainers is a good and easier way to build effective body mass, also gaining a lot of energy to operate. Unsurprisingly, it is gladly used by boxers who appreciate it for its effectiveness. It’s gainers that help with faster body regeneration after training and can be a good nutritional alternative for slim athletes. If you are a person who has a problem with changing their eating habits and you can’t imagine eating 5-6 meals a day – it’s worth taking interest in gainers as an alternative to meals. Considering the amount of amino acids in gainers and a high-calorie nature of the nutrients, every boxer can be sure that their body will be well fed and properly prepared for a fight.