Most women who start intense physical training are sceptical about supplements. However, if the training is expected to be successful and effective that will please us for a long time – first of all we should appreciate BCAA amino acids. It’s a supplement that should find its way to every training woman’s diet. Their role is appropriate synthesis support and to supply energy during training. A few amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine are really important for the body due to their specifics. Leucine is one of the strongest branched chain amino acids and is responsible for proper blood sugar regulation. Its job is also to take care of proper tissue condition and motivating muscles to more productive work during the work-out. Isoleucine is a known source of energy and is mainly responsible for making sure that the body doesn’t run out of energy during exercise.


Whereas the job of valine as a non-polar amino acid is active participation in processing glucose, meaning transforming amino acids into glucose. The task of BCAA amino acids is to effectively synthesise proteins and to supply energy regularly. It’s actually amino acids that prevent muscle degradation. Due to the fact that catabolic processes usually intensify during exercise and right after – supplementation composed of BCAA amino acids is really important. Becoming aware of the potential dangers during training can become additional motivation to use the BCAA amino acids.