The BOXINGHERALD club in New York was founded in 2001 as one of the first boxing clubs. At the start, it functioned as a family business that was created by a boxer full of passion, Max Wright. Since the moment of its existence, the club attracts boxing lovers who want to try their hand on the ring. From the beginning, the main idea of the club was fan integration regardless of their advancement level, origin or age. People that participate are the ones who wish to test their skills, improve their strength, stamina and mental resistance.


For three years now, held there are regular boxing classes for women, which are famous for their amazing atmosphere and a unique approach from the trainers. Every year, the club organises an important event that intends to show appreciation to their clients. There are two rewards given out during such event; the best boxer and the best woman of the female boxing classes. The winning duo has to present their abilities on the ring in front of a wide audience. After completing their task, the winning pair gets special awards for exceptional exertion and contribution in promoting the club. The event, due to its specifics, attracts millions of tourists not just from New York, but also from neighbouring states. Additional honours and motivation for every pair of winners are photos, which adorn the walls of the club for years and regularly motivate other club fans to participate in the event.