Fitness classes have been really popular since the 70’s, when a certain doctor working with NASA wanted to create a specific conditioning program for astronauts. For over 40 years, fitness classes managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people around the world. They are used not just by women, but also men, who are also starting to appreciate this form of entertainment. Apart from the unforgettable moments, the fitness exercises are appreciated for their effectiveness, variety and also sequencing. There is no person in this world today who has not heard of fitness classes and wouldn’t want to try them. That leaves a question: “how should I exercise to look good?”. Activities of this kind can be divided into two groups. The first fitness exercise group focuses on strengthening their muscles and preparing them for exertion. However, the second group’s exercises focus on the spiritual realm, therefore they are known as mental fitness classes.


Strengthening exercises are usually accompanied by mood music and measured warm-up, which is very characteristic. Most times it includes intense exercises, to prepare the body for proper strain and strengthen it a little. Strengthening exercises are intended to improve the condition of particular muscle groups. Usually this type of workout is performed with additional weight in form of dumbbell, steppers or rubber belts. Within these exercises it is common to perform training in ABT, TBC, Pilates or Tai-chi. For the second group it includes yoga, Zumba and ball exercises.