Why I Called A locksmith

My wife and I spent almost three years trying to find the perfect home in an amazing neighborhood. Although it was not our dream home, reality sunk in and we were able to find a more ideal home for us to create our future in. Realizing our family was not going to spend forever at our newly purchased address, we were willing to make some sacrifices on a few issues that seemed less significant.

Locksmith Service

We spent some time researching the neighborhood before we decided to buy the house. We were aware of the brief spurts of vandalism and petty crime in the area, but with our minds focused on our careers and building a future, we felt more than comfortable with the security of our home and safety. The realtor who guided us through the process of buying our first home referred a Phoenix locksmith┬ácompany and gave us the business card of someone we might want to contact to replace the lock on the side entry door of our home’s attached garage.

Just like with several other new home owners, it seemed like our to do list grew daily. My wife and I created a budget and prioritized a list of renovations and the projects that needed the most attention. When it came to replacing the lock on the garage door, there was very little debate in our decision to save some money by purchasing a lock at the local hardware store and installing it by ourselves. We read and then re-read the instructions with care and were comforted by the ease and simplicity of the installation. The importance of security left our mind as we discarded the packaging the lock came in.

I do not think I will ever forget the fear and horror that filled me the night we pulled into our driveway to find our garage door wide open with the entire door handle and locking mechanism missing. The door had not been kicked or smashed in. Instead the intruders simply disassembled the lock. Because of our home’s attached garage, the burglars were able to gain access into our house. There is not anything else I have experienced in life that has left me feeling as weak and defenseless as when my wife and I entered into our home. Everything of value had been taken from us. Our electronics appeared to have been ripped out of the walls. The furniture which had not been taken was now destroyed and useless. I could feel our privacy being stripped away from us as we made our way through the rest of the house and into our bedroom. Dresser drawers had been emptied, the majority of our clothes were missing, and there was no trace of my wife’s jewelry collection. Everything that we had worked so hard for was gone.

residential-locksmithThe following morning I was able to contact the professional locksmith on the old business card still in my wallet. After one of the company’s service technicians arrived and took a tour of our home examining the entrances, we were given a free estimate of the cost to install new locks on the doors, and guaranteed a deadline of how soon the work could be completed. The gentleman also brought a few entryway locks his company had to offer that were not available at an everyday hardware store. He demonstrated how structurally secure the locks he had to offer were, as well as how simple they were to operate. He provided us with statistics that showed us even though these locks were more of a investment, they provided results and kept incidents like the night before from happening. It goes without saying that we spent a lot more money with the break in than what we saved by installing a do it yourself lock.